Friday, December 12, 2008

Wow. I Hate These Things.

Hair the Musical - no redeeming qualities. Bad music, bad choreography, bad lyrics. I get it, your edgy free spirits. But really, what drunk frat boy hasn't written a song about sodomy. 

Chocolate with pieces of fruit inside, or worse fruit cream. (except strawberries, but only actual berries and only if there is no weird berry goo in it. 

Mustang Sally and Brown-Eyed Girl. These are banned from any event I host.

Palin Supporters. You obviously can't be trusted to make sound judgements. I am voting Alaska out of the Union. Lunatics and drunkards, every one of 'em.

Contemporary gospel and light jazz.

Atlanta Drivers - see also Memphis, D.C., and any other city I have been to.

Boiled Custard - Drink egg nog or piss off.

The Dirty Projectors - They just can on XM. I hate them already.

"Fresh-a-licious" and other variations on delicious - see also Fergie.

"La Damnation de Faust"  - Metaphors only go so far. Berlioz fails to show the dichotomy of loneliness within in crowd.  Mephistopheles is too awkward and not playful or scary enough. The libretto is tragic, yet not a tragedy. The score is too contemporary for my taste with such a timeless story. I do not appreciate indulging the composer for too long, too many times. It is an opera after all, if no one is going to sing for 10 minutes (post overture) I expect a ballet. Dammit.

Fergie and her horse face and man shoulders, also her hair. Your butt can't fix everything, missy.

Chick-Fil-A.  This is not open for discussion.

WalMart - They are of the devil. See also, Sam's, Exxon, Walgreens and On the Border.

Olives. All colors, prepared all ways.


Ancient Sea Gods Who Eat People

Frank Black post Pixies right up until he rejoined the Pixies.

The other people at a Henry Rollin's spoken word show

The idea that Batman is a SUPER-hero. A hero? Yes. Super? Nope.

Vegetarians who eat fish - You are not even fooling yourselves. 

The word "hubby" - arrrggghhhh!!!!

Don't even get me started on dirty dirty hippies or people chewing with there mouths open...

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The Happy College Knitter said...

"Ancient Sea Gods Who Eat People" hahahahaha