Sunday, December 7, 2008

Conclusions I Have Come To Today

1. Beans are not worth it. I won't wait 30 minutes for a table at Houston's and I love Houston's. Why am I spending hours cooking beans? They are not that important to me. They are not any better if i make them from "scratch". I will buy them in can from here forward.

2. Dusting the house is for sucks. 

3. I am cold all the time. WebMd lists the following conditions associated with the chills: 
Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Nope. Therapist confirms.
Cold exposure- I do not go outdoors. 
Lyme Disease - Again, no outdoors.
Tuberculosis - Does Asthma count?
Toxic Shock Syndrome - No. Eww.
Abscess - No. Double ewww.
West Nile Virus - Seriously, I am right in not dealing with nature.
Plague - Really?!?!?

Obviously, I have the Plague. Damn. Probably from being around all that dust.

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The Life of a Modern Mormon Wife said...

You might just have bad circulation. I have the same problem. My Dr. Said to add a clove of fresh garlic to my diet. Or to get the garlic pills from the drug store. Hope this helps