Sunday, December 14, 2008

I see your Geek and raise you a Dork.

This officially seals my fate. I am a card carrying nerd. 

Today, we went to the Magic: The Gathering World Championship Tournament. Please keep in mind, I married into this. Sure I "played" RPG's growing up. By which I mean, I dressed up like a vampire and smoked. Nerdy, but not quite to this level. Though I admit pretending to be a vampire is totally gay. Anyway, today, I invested in my geekdom. I bought a deck and paid an entry fee and played. I even stood around and watched other people play. I still have no idea what is going on. But there we were. So here it is.

I played  against this  guy. I didn't even get to play a card before
he beat me. Not one. In six turns. Geez.

                                       He looks alot like this guy.                                           ( Johnny Angel from Practical Magic.)

That's probably why I lost. Distraction. Also I do not know how to play. The matches are best two of three, so I had to play him again. I lost. But at least I got to play a few cards. He went easy on me. He was handsome and merciful. 

*swoon* ( My husband and Johnny....nerds are hot.)

I then watched my husband handily win his tournament match. That's right, ladies. My man has won a match during official MTG Tournament play. Stay back!! He's ALL mine. 

Not a total loss. We did meet people from all over. Luke (Geeky McDreamy) drove in from Indianapolis. A kid from Australia helped me build my deck. We sat next to some guys from China and behind the Germans. I watched Team USA beat Japan. 

This is Team USA kickin' ass and not getting dames.

Speaking of which.....

                                     Can you find the girl in this pic of the crowd?
Trick question! There are no girls. I'm sure they are all at home waiting for their men to return from battle. "Slay the Shivan Dragon!!! Bring home the six booster decks, oh Mighty Provider!"

All in all, we had fun. We got free cards. We made friends. I may have lost all my street cred, but I did gain a DCI Pro foil, only available at sanctioned events. Boo-Yah!


Carrie said...

hey girl! okay, i didn't understand a word of anything you posted today, but i wanted to tell you that i love your blog--and the guy you played cards with is hot. :)

lynseym said...

Blink! This is why I got divorced.

Martin said...

You should play Jyhad. Ask the hubby. Really.

April said...

That dude is hot. I wish I understood this stuff. Cards confuse me, I can't even play poker.

The Happy College Knitter said...

Geeky McDreamy. Swooooon.