Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day One

So it turns it that ANYBODY can have a blog. I know, I've read them. Usually I go between two thoughts. "Wow. Really? Huh. " and "If I Meet You I Will Punch You". The latter was not available as a URL.

 I read a lot of blogs. My friends, family, random strangers. War and Peace they are not. Thankfully! If I had to read 1,475 pages of a liberal arts major talking as her dog (in early modern English, no less), I might have to end it all right then. 

It was suggested I start a blog about the things I hate, a long list indeed. (Including, but not limited to, cats, contemporary gospel, people chewing with their mouths open, W., eggs, uggs, acrylic yarn, boiled custard, and Washington D.C. in the summer.) I might write about the things I love, admittedly a shorter list. (Joe, my family and friends, my dogs, knitting, cooking, and music.) 

So hopefully, this blog will be shorter than War and Peace, and not half as dumb as the lonely grad student's. 

I do not promise to spell well, nor write well. I do not promise to be nice. I do not promise to update on a regular basis, though I will try. But I do promise to be slightly entertaining. If I am not, suck it up. It's free. 


lynseym said...

hi. i didn't know about this little gem until now. i have a blog too. i've posted about twice to it. every time i sit down i think about how most of my day is spent just saying fuck you to my dog and that's not much to blog about. see you tomorrow.

Ashley said...

ummm, family? Do tell.