Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Gonna Be A Grumpy Ride

I have had a bit of a grumpy couple of weeks or so. Why, you ask. Here you go.

The complete lack of a sugar-free, fat free Samoa Girl Scout Cookie
Hipsters and their mere presence keeping me from attending rock shows
Tiny back packs (thanks Lynsey)
Paying for dirt and rocks
April's lack of a stand mixer 
Bobby Jindal's access to microphones and cameras
Weather. All of it
People who can't be bothered to put on clean jeans for a funeral
Cafe Eclectic not making pistachio cake or cupcakes all the time
Cobweb mold. Seriously
Slumdog Millionaire. I haven't seen it. I will not see it. The more you talk about the less likely I will see it. Shut up, already.
Sonic Drive In
Eliza Dushku
Diet root beer is not on tap in my office
No Lobster King. I call bullshit
The lack of knowledge the general public has about dialing long distance correctly
Meat flavored with sugar. Meat should be savory. Stop it, Whole Foods. 
TWhirl and Twitter and TweetDeck and stupid Twechnology
Katy fuckin' Perry.

Unless you can fix one or more of these, I probably don't have mush use for you.
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