Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Con Lair

I'm a nerd. It is a known and celebrated fact. But I like to think of myself as a certain class of nerd. Better than the average geek. I don't dress up like a furrie. I hate Star Trek. I don't own fangs or pointy ears. I'm not a level 6 elf in some online community, but some of my best friends are. Still, one thing I do love is a good Sci-Fi convention. "Con", as it is known, is the best. Everyone gets together to play games and trade comic books and buy goofy tee shirts. But the hardcore dress up. It is awesome. There can be some very cool and clever costumes, and done well, one can drink free based on that costume. However, I recently attended the Mid South Con. A very different breed of Con. This is my story.

This is a friend of mine who happened to be there. Battlestar Galactica fans will recognize the intricacies of this costume and appreciate the attention to detail.
Other than looking a bit butch, you could wear this out in the world and maybe pull it off. Maybe.

This however, is a totally new ball game. This is why I love con. A Hawaiian shirt AND a weird hood AND googles. Even I can't figure it out. He looks like Star Wars meets Weekend at Bernie's. Scary and stupid. I can't believe he was there alone.

The hawaiian shirt was popular. This guy paired it with 20 sided dice magnetically attached to his earring. I just don't know how much one guy can have stacked against him, but the limit is visible.

At least these guys dressed up. This is could the best or worst lounge act ever. I would probably go either way.

Where are all the ladies, you ask? (Other than my lovely friend at the top of the page) Well, here's one.
And here are her friends.
Words escape me.

This costume is perfect, except that he didn't plan to need to see.
And he couldn't. He bumped into a few things and I could have warned him, but I didn't. And I never would. A fat kid in a backwards Snuggie and a pointy hat? I will always watch him fail. I will help him fail given the opportunity.

I have many many more pictures and far more stories. They will have to wait. I have a Cthulu game to attend to.

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